GlobalEdLeader is committed to providing high-quality professional learning experiences focused on developing essential skills and leadership practices.  Utilizing research-based strategies, our offerings can be customized to help you reach your goals.

Keynote addresses, typically 60 or 90 minutes long, focus on relevant educational topics and trends.  Intended to provoke audiences to think deeply about their current practice, keynotes can cover a wide range of educational topics and blend Brandon’s practical experience, understanding of best practice and sense of humor. 

Interactive workshops are designed to provide participants an authentic learning experience that expands their knowledge, causes opportunities to reflect and ultimately apply new strategies to their own setting.  Each workshop, whether designed for two hours or multiple days, will be customized to meet the needs of the participants.   The intent of each session is to increase the capacity of the participants to better meet the needs of their students or clients.

Strategic planning sessions are designed to assist leaders in the ongoing evaluation of their school, district or organization.  Through a step-by-step process and support from an experienced facilitator, your team will identify short and long term goals, develop an implementation plan and identify how you will monitor progress.  The strategic planning process can be helpful for schools or districts evaluating curriculum, planning how to implement a new initiative or taking stock of where they are as an organization.  Likewise, global education organizations may use this service to help with program development, to better understand the field or to plan growth in new markets or territories.

GlobalEdLeader can assist your school or organization with the development of a rigorous, 21st century curriculum and assessments.  Whether you’re looking to ensure your students are prepared for the Common Core State Standards or you’d like to infuse more project-based learning into your curriculum, GlobalEdLeader has experience in developing student-centered, engaging curriculum and assessment for students in grades Kindergarten through 12. 

With experience working with new school designs around the United States, GlobalEdLeader is available to assist school design teams and district leaders in the process of designing new elementary, middle or high schools.  Through an iterative, research-based process,GlobalEdLeader will assist teams in conceptualizing the academic focus, programming and infrastructure for a successful school.   Support can be provided in designing the academic program, human capital strategy, student recruitment approach and overall student experience.


Global Competence

  • Leading for Global Competence
  • Strategies to Globalize Your Curriculum
  • What’s Global About the Common Core State Standards

Educational Leadership

  • Conducting Fair and Reliable Teacher Evaluations
  • Understanding the Common Core State Standards
  • Designing Student-centered Schools
  • Design Thinking in Schools

Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment

  • Developing Assessment Literacy (Formative and Summative assessment design)
  • Curriculum Mapping for Success (for beginners and advanced mappers)
  • Promoting Student Voice and Choice in your Curriculum
  • Promoting Higher Order Thinking through Vocabulary & Word Play